Sarah TaylorMy name is Sarah Taylor and I’m a vegetarian.
I do not eat meat but I do eat cheese, eggs, and milk occasionally. Vegans are those who don’t eat any animal products (too hard core for my taste).

It wasn’t always this way. I used to eat meat. But in high school biology class my teacher made the comment “and this is the muscle, which is the part that you eat” and that struck a chord. Gross. I joke and say that my parents have it good because my rebellious phase as a teenager was rejecting meat.

I’m married but don’t yet have kids. My husband Frank is a willing test subject for my vegetarian recipes. He’s open to try new things and – thank goodness – not picky! He’s not a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He values healthy eating. We know that it costs more now but in the long run we hope to not be spending big bucks on health care. Although there’s always that chance that you live a strict dietary life only to be hit by a bus. We try not to think about that.

Why Sans Carne?
On one of our first dates I asked for a salad from a restaurant “sans chicken” and Frank was smiled at my lingo. Years later I considered creating a blog to casually keep track of my experiences in cooking vegetarian and the name Sans Carne was born. Comically it’s a mix of Latin and Spanish. It’s an open concept – like vegetarianism – we work with what we have. And nine times out of ten spectators want to try what we have.

What do you eat?
I hear it all the time. Welcome to the site – where you can figure out what the heck we vegetarians eat. We aren’t perfect. One night it may be a frozen pizza and a bottle of wine because I’m stinkin’ tired after a long day of work. But other times I aspire to cook healthful, delicious meals that make you go mmmmmm. You’ll find a catalogue of those meals – the ones that are delish, pretty simple, and worth making a second time.

Cheers to a smarter lifestyle!

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